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the waste-free menstruation

  • 25x17 cm, washable clothpads with snaps 
  • 5 pieces package
  • made from the most modern materials (bamboo carbon fiber top layer, double micro fibre absorbent layer inside, PUL waterproof layer at the bottom)
  • it can be rinse easily by a handwash with cold water
  • after the rinse it will be stain-free
  • screwable material to semi-dry condition
  • eco-friendly product, less menstrual waste! 
  • soft and comfy, dark gray, breathable, bamboo carbon fibre moisture wicking top layer - for less sweat and drier comfort 
  • absorbent micro fibre layer inside  - most effective in moderate to normal bleeding
  • PUL waterproof layer at the bottom  - for bigger protection of your underwear 
  • can be fixed to your underwear with snaps, thin comfortable feeling 

Save the planet,

Be a Poppy girl!

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Suitable for small spaces in your bag, you can put the used pad in a nylon bag or a small case.
So it won't smell until you get home!
And it waits patiently, until you wash it with cold water and soap. Be careful, the hot water may causes stains on the pads! 
Voilá! There is no polluting waste! 
You don't use more water or chemicals, because you can rinse it during you're washing your hands and it can be screwed easily to semi-dry  and it dries quickly! 
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How to change pad in a public toilet? 
Fold in the used pad's bottom and upper part with the dirty part inside, fold the wings over it and snap the wings in the middle into this cube shape! The stylish, colorful, pop-art part should be on the outside!
Just a quick handwash with cold water, and after a few hours, you can use it again! 
or you can also wash it in the washing machine (with 40 degree) with you clothes!

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Let the soft bamboo layer pleases you in those days!