• As the cup tampon gets full, You shall witness a small flow of blood, a tiny stain spots on Your underwear as usual with a soaked conventional tampon too. To be safe and to protect Your lingerie, we recommend using a thin sanitary pad together with the cup tampon also, as it is usual for conventional tampons as well. 

  • However, there is more important differences.:

  • This tampon does not absorb the valuable vaginal bacterial flora,

  • it does not disintegrate in the acidic environment and under body heat.

  • The bacteria in general cannot grow fast on the bacteria-resistant medical grade silicone, so

  • menstrual blod is rather clotting in the cup than decomposing providing way less unpleasant smells.

  • accumulated menstrual blood is also barred from reaching the vagina walls. 

  • The solid, sturdy cup may safely remain even up to 10 to 12 hours in the vagina and it shall not desiccate the vagina.

  • Depending on Your flow's strength it shall become filled:


  • in 4 to 6 hours (strong flow),

  • in 6 to 8 hours (medium strong flow), or

  • in 8 even up to 12 hours (light or intermittent flow,

           or a staining flow)


  • No need for frequent changings, but on any day, strong flow or weak, You can clean the tampon as often as You like. This is the only tampon that may be cleaned. You don't need to carry spare tampons with You. For cleaning You only need soap, water and some solitude. When to clean? Your choice, as the cup is a long-lasting item specifically designed for this duty.

So how to remove? It's one move really:

  • First grasp the tip of the cup and move the cup tampon carefuly to right and left. The light vacuum will cease, the cup may now be pulled down by a careful but resolute movement. Remove it by holding upright, and lower the tampon into Your palm.

How to remove: