How to insert:


  • Relax and straddle-legged go down halfway to a crouched position!


  • Here You see how the tampon can be folded in to make a "needle-like shape" having the size of a "super" tampon. In this form, it is easiest to insert, and will most likely open perfectly.




  • Cautiously push up the folded tampon up into the vagina. The cup's tip should be one phalanx of Your forefinger behind the vagina's entry as You leave it there. At this moment the tampon shall extend and its elastic brim adapts perfectly to Your vagina's shape. (Yes, the vagina's inner form here widens out and has the shape of a funnel and may even reach 3.5 cm in diameter.) 


  • MYTH: Many believe that the vagina is a straight tube. Instead it bends on the inside and gets wider. Thus, it cannot be enlarged by objects designed to lodge there (e.g. geisha balls, pessaries, silicon cup tampons, etc.)


  • Do not push further in than one phalanx on Your forefinger. It is not supposed to be inserted higher than this and also it will be easier to grasp for removal this way.

  • IMPORTANT: After placing it in,  turn slightly to the side or pull it slightly back to create the vacuum. Check with your finger if it is placed perfectly and so the tampon opened up right. You have to feel that the bottom of the cup's tip forms a smooth and regular circle. If yes, then it fits perfectly to the vagina's inner mantle. As there are no sensory nerves in the vagina's inside walls, You shall not feel the presence of a cup tampon, or at least just as muh as you would feel a cotton tampon.


  • After one or two trials of inserting, do not hesitate to cut off the entire pulling string. Nothing shall protrude from the vagina, nothing shall become messy or shall disturb Your comfort.


  • Don't worry, You can push down the tampon for grasping to remove. By a stronger belly-pressing, the cuptampon will definitely slip down for an easy removal. The tampon's silicone surface permits a slight up-and-down movement in the vagina, regardless of the vacuum. Of course you got to find the right position and push stronger to get that.

  • You may have menses without wearing panties or wearing only a thong. The cup tampon shall remain invisible and You don't even feel it is there.