Say goodbye to your cramps!

Without side effects

  • You suffer from hard cramps before and/or during your period? 

  • 3 thermo stickers shall come to Your help for the first 3 most painful days!

  • They provide heat between 45 and 50 C to the area on Your back or abdominal areas suffering from spasms or cramps.​

  • 1 sticker shall provide the pain-relieving heat for 10 to 12 hours


How to use?

  • You shall hardly notice its presence in some hidden part of Your underwear.

  • After opening, remove the protective foil from the glued area!

  • Press the sticer into Your underwear, to come above the painful area (back or belly, where You happen to feel the pain).

  • The glued area shall fix the sticker on Your underwear, so don't apply the glued part directly on Your skin.

  • After opening, the sticker shall reach its final temperature after 15 to 20 minutes after coming into contact with air.

pain gone.PNG
1 pc menstrual sticker.jpg