...But how to clean Your tampon if no water tap is in sight?

(public toilets, toilets in a shopping center, common toilets at workplaces, etc.)

  • The AQUA-TAMPON holds the menstruation flow as a capsule, no blood is in contact with the vagina's wall. It may also stay safely in the vagina for quite a long time. It doesn't absorb anything, it only collects the flow. It shall not get soaked and shall not fray.


  • For all these reasons above, the cup tampon may wait 4 up to 10 or 12 hours until You arrive home and under safe and clean conditions can clean it. It does not matter where You are or what You do, cleaning can wait. 


  • Yet, if this does not work and You need to clean the tampon at a public place, don't worry! It may sound strange but with a bit of routine You can easiest clean the tampon without using water also. It takes only a few smart and quick movements.


  • Before going to such toilet, wash Your hands or use a disinfection gel or tissue to clean Your hands.


  • Upon pulling out the tampon let it come down vertically into Your palm. Simply squeeze some toilet paper into the tampon. Without any messing around, You can remove all blood and any moisture from the tampon.


  • When dry, wipe it clean using a lactic acidic tissue for perfect cleanness and Your fully refreshed feel.


  • Directly at the vacuum holding holes,  fold back the tampon using two fingers, then using a nail, push the corner of the tissue into the widened holes, on both sides. You get absolute cleanness also in these parts as well.


  • After refitting the tampon You can refresh Yourself with a cleaning tissue. It is recommended to again wipe clean the vagina's entry, deep as possible, after refitting the tampon, so that no blood residues remain on the vagina's wall, as these may finally land on Your underwear. Thus, You reach full freshness and shall have the feeling of cleanness and dryness, even on those hardest days.

  • Unlike the toilet paper, the cleaning tissue must be thrown to rubbish bins; otherwise You may  contribute to blocking the sewage line.